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13th May 2015

9:55pm: What reason do I have to feel this way?
I think it's about time I share my story. I've always been good at keeping things to myself and I have never shared this with anyone; I feel embarrassed to admit it; I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. It’s very easy to put on a front, hide how you are feeling inside and pretend you don’t feel the way you do but it's mental health awareness week again and I'm not having a particularly easy one. For those of you who are interested and would like to know here goes...
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19th February 2007

2:56pm: Boo!

Just because I wasn't online a lot yesterday it's late:

but Happy birthday to Nikkinooo (for yesterday) and Happy birthday to Mattimoo for tomorrow - hope you both had/have wonderful days :)

1st November 2006

12:49pm: What a day!
I think im turning gay :O who know it ay

Other news I need some excitementin my life

Lost yet another dress size out of boredom

wishes the mogzy some heat today at work

6th October 2006

4:50pm: Guess who's on his way here *bounces*

8th September 2006

11:36am: My sister is at home and watching 'gems TV', Why? I have no idea!

However...I am rather confused

6th August 2006

8:21pm: You are radiating positive energy from your seventh chakra!

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20th July 2006

12:04pm: Busses aren't my favourite thing right now. After waiting for one for half an hour then giving up because it's too hot, then having to change all plans just because of a vehicle that can't turn up on time or at all *sighs*
Plus they're so expensive.

It's rather hot just standing at a bus stop in the sun, even for me.

6th July 2006

12:04am: Happy Birthday morgaine_le_fey

Have a fantabulous day *glomps*

Miss shoo xx

1st July 2006

12:08am: I still don't quite understand but:

Post a comment and:

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25th June 2006

12:09am: Lyrics post
So much is happening to me.
So much that I can't even see.
So many words of wisdom that I am trying to be.
Catch me if I should fall.
And even more so while I'm standing tall.

My head is spinning around and it's making me dizzy.
I'm spinning around and it's making me ill.
You don't understand what I'm going through just to find a way to climb.
It'll be in my own time.
It'll be in my own time.

Whispering thoughts in all different ways.
That I'm in a daze.
My head is spinning around and it's making me dizzy.
I'm spinning around and it's making me ill.
You don't understand what I'm going through just to find a way to climb.

It'll be in my own time.
'cause it'll be in my own time.
In my own time.
In my own time I'll take a chance.
In my own time I'll find romance. In my own time.

It'll be mine.
After the clouds there'll be the rain.
After the sun there'll be the moon it doesn't matter.
'cause it'll be in my own time

18th June 2006

9:51pm: Hmmmm...I just got that nervous feeling, ya know when your stomach crunches and your chest feels weird...

I have no idea why...I have no reason to be nervous at all :s

13th June 2006

4:30pm: ONE.
Spell your name without vowels:
Ttn / smnth86 / Ms

Are you single?
No (hopefully never again)

How many pair of jeans do you own?

What colour do you wear most?

Least favourite colour?

Last song you heard?
take that - how deep is your love

Where do you wish you were?
With kieranpete

Are you happy with your life right now?
yeah i would say so

Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity:
erm...yes - alanis morrisette or alyssa milano

What is your favourite time in school?
home time lol

Do you shop at stores like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and AE?

How do you make money?
erm....trust fund and student loan, not that that's really classed as 'making' money

Best friend of same sex as you?

When do/did you start Summer Break?:
finished uni in may!

Are you missing someone right now?
like crazy

One word to describe you:

Favourite pair of shoes:

Do you own big sunglasses?:

What would you rather be doing right now?
ill give you one guess

What should you be doing right now?
*shrugs* dunno

I tag hannahbassill, morgaine_le_fey and glowing_dark

12th June 2006

1:47pm: Another update :p

This weekend was fun. It was my uncle's 40th birthday party and he paid for the family to and stay in a farmhouse in Derbyshire. I spent the weekend getting drunk with my family, playing games with my little cousins and not getting much sleep.

I'm home and now I'm a little lonely again, Ellie and Dan have gone out somewhere, not quite sure where so I'm just sitting here missing people.

I may go for a walk on my own later

6th June 2006

9:01pm: Well someone please tell glowing_dark that salad is awesome! He won't believe me!

30th May 2006

8:15pm: ARGH!

I've had the hicups nearly all day!

1:18pm: Thanks_Hannah_(Meme)Collapse )

28th May 2006

12:05am: Pointless Post
lyricsCollapse )

I'm in a song mood lol

18th May 2006

12:11am: =]

17th May 2006

2:38pm: Again I have nothing to show for my day, not even a smile.

15th May 2006

5:12pm: Ok so a non quiz update. kieranpete, in all fairness I didn't see that nudge until 2 seconds ago therefore the quiz update was of my own accord and therefore not cheating! HA!
Love you :p

Hmmmm....what to say....I've finished uni now and got picked up yesterday (both parents cars due to the amount of stuff!) and now I am back at home. Woke up this morning and felt rather lonely to say the least but I suppose I'll get used to being at home again.

I suppose I don't really mind being alone, although I'm never really alone with my wonderful boyfriend constantly invading my mind :p Even so I haven't had much time to myself for a while.

I think I need something to do that stimulates my brain; today sitting at the PC or in front of the TV made me feel kinda mindless, like I'm wasting my time :S Hmmmmm might go out for a walk somewhere tomorrow, might go into town and buy a book *thinks* anything's better than being cooped up inside all day, although it really does depend on the weather, don't wanna make myself ill. Can anyone think of anything mind stimulating to do?
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3rd May 2006

Or did I ;)

Much Love your snugglebunny


YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for great time here lol hope all ok and well and havin a great time around *hugs*

30th April 2006

Blessed Beltane

And what a good one it is :p

29th April 2006

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